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Munch’s Cat--The Scream

[my original parody of Munch]

Edvard Munch and his cat were strolling through the red light district one evening, when the cat was propositioned by two felines of the night. The bright lights and the saucy sex kittens were too much for him, and he ran away screaming down the street. The look on the cat's face haunted Munch for years and found its way into one of his most famous paintings.

This paragraph is printed in the lower left corner, just below the image;
printed from original watercolor on paper;
original in private collection
17 x 16”
(includes white borders)

This art is copyrighted and may not be reproduced
anywhere by any means without my permission.


The cat art parody prints of Munch's Cat began life as a watercolor. Then to achieve the diffuse qualities of Munch's original, The Scream, the picture was overlaid with pastels.

The reference for the screaming cat was a photo of our Russian Blue cat...yawning. The two felines of the night came out of my imagination. I just wanted to capture their essence. Look at the delicious details of the little ladies. The wavy lines of the buildings reflect the cat's terror, which correlated with the mental instability of Munch at the time of his painting of The Scream. You can feel the cat's scream piercing the air and making the buildings tremble. The author of “Caterwaul” thought that would be perfect for the cover of his book.

I have no idea how the concept for this picture came to me. Inspiration often seems to come out of nowhere, when you let your mind drift. Do you enjoy wildly imaginative art? Art that is a combination of intellect and emotion? Art that is never dull...never recedes into the background? This picture is stunning both on canvas and as a print. You choose what would suit where it would hang. It won’t make you scream but it will make you smile every time you walk past it.



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Munch’s Cat
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