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Matisse’s Cat

[my original parody of Matisse]

Henri Matisse left his still life setup with fish bowl to get a cup of coffee. He got back just in time to catch his cat who had stepped into the scene with ulterior motives. The cat, of course, turned to deny it all, giving him his best, indignant, "Who, me?" expression.

This paragraph is printed in the lower left corner, just below the image;
printed from original watercolor on paper;
original in private collection

This art is copyrighted and may not be reproduced
anywhere by any means without my permission.


The cat art parody cat print for Matisse's Cat began as a transparent watercolor painting. The still life set up was painted from a bowl of wiggly goldfish and a vase of gladiolus leaves. Then the cat and whimsical background were added. The shimmery fur of the Russian Blue cat was painted with a watercolor technique called "wet-into-wet," where the surface is first brushed with clear water, then at just the right time, paint applied. This allows the colors to flow with a feathery edge and give the sensation of fur, as well as suggest the characteristic frosting of this breed.

This mischievous cat most likely had fish on the brain and dinner in mind, even as he proclaims his innocence. The original of this painting hangs just above my desk, and whenever I glance up needing a break from my work, I am drawn into the scene in front of me. I stop and admire the cat and then wander through the picture caught up in the action of all the details. The painting has a way of recharging me, and I jump right back into my work. Sometimes, the glance lasts just a couple of seconds, but the mind is taking in the picture's restful influence.

Do you like Matisse's technique of filling the painting with a variety of harmonious patterns? Do you need brief but effective diversions from your work so you can come back refreshed? This works for me. Then the only decision you have to make now, is whether you'd like to have the print under glass or embedded onto the surface of a canvas.



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Matisse's Cat

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Matisse’s Cat
Copyright Eve Riser-Roberts 2000
All Rights Reserved
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