Famous Artists' Cats

Polydactyl cats? Polycats? Do you have a special cat with a few extra toes to tred lightly on? Or to get into mischief with? Send us your photographs. These pictures are of visitor's own polydactyl cats. New pictures are added frequently, so be sure to 'Refresh' every time you come back. Polydactyl paws are cute and endearing and were Hemingway's favorite.


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Thumbs obvious name came from the thumbs on her front feet (also a tiny toe between her thumb and the rest of her toes). The extra on her back feet are smaller.
Alma Doucette

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Christine's Salem says, "Hi", waving his polydactyl paw with 7 toes.


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This is Janis, almost a year old here.

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Remy LeBeau has multiple toes on every foot. He is 9 weeks old and has markings like an Ocicat. I was worried at first that he might have problems with his feet, but I have ben looking at different sites on the internet and I feel better about it now. Mary Chulick

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My name is Kimo and finding shoes that fit is a problem with this exta toe of mine.
(Roy K. Ahuna's polydactyl gray tabby)


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Alma Doucette's mother-in-law's 5-year-old cat, Mittens, has a total of 28 toes.

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Zoey's paw pad.

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Zoey's feet.

This is my Zoey...she's a year and a half and has "thumbs" lol.
Christine Vecchio, Legal Assistant

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Zoey rehearsing ballet move.

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Zoey and her friend, Christine.


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April's polydactyl cat Zumi-chan

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This is my own poly, Gene, which is short for Genedefekt. Melody Fisher

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Twinkletoes (Twink) was a stray who came into my house and my heart many years ago; and stayed until he died of old age. His personality was very much like a dog - greeted me at the door when I came home, came when called, and slept in my arms every night. He was quite the hunter - maybe because of those extra thumbs!
Evelyn Black


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This past Summer we found a pregnant stray momma who had 5 babies by the time we went back to pick her up. Our plan was to take her to the local shelter...turned out to be full, so we "grandparented" them all Summer, then found homes for Momma and 4 of the babies. Two of the babies were polydactyls...we kept one of them, the smallest. She is adorable and very talented with those thumbs! She looked like ET when she was young! Here is our Grayce. Enjoyed your site!
Barb & Drew in Minnesota

I love your site on polydactyls! Until about a week ago we didn't even know there was a name for cats with extra fingers and toes. This is our little angel, Mr. Paws. When we saw his picture on the humane society website we knew we had to have him. I got there half an hour before they opened the next day and good thing I did. I went straight to his cage and got the papers for him. While I was filling out all the forms, 7 other people came in wanting to take him home! Susan Lackey

Nezumi's paw.