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Here is a unique treat. You're going to see some examples of stereograms with a cat as a subject. These are really cool! The cat is being used to introduce you to this other dimension.

There are several different kinds of stereograms, and the creators of these images consider it a valid art form. You've probably come across the kind made up of colored dots, that you have to stare at until the image suddenly becomes clear.

If you've ever had trouble visualizing such 3-D images before, Gene Levine has very simple, yet effective instruction on how to easily view the stereograms. The it will be a breeze for you. It will only take a couple of minutes, and you will be well rewarded.
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a. Francesco Franceschi's website,
Pixoteric, shows us examples of Autostereograms. These are two images like what our two eyes see when they view an object, each from a slightly different angle. Our brain then superimposes them and gives the object depth. Frank uses a computer to create these double images and lets our eyes and brain bring them together.

Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 6.29.08 PM

To see
acrobatic cats with an umbrella in 3-D:

Relax your eyes and focus behind the image. Suddenly, you will see the two images turn into three, with a 3-dimensional effect. On his site, there are three image sizes of the acrobatic cats to see which size works more easily for you.

Once you've mastered the viewing technique, look at the other examples on
this page:

Here you can also read the theory behind how it's done and find tutorials to create the images yourself, if you'd like to.

All images are copyrighted. Have fun exploring his site. He even offers FREE TOOLS to make:
*3D Objects
*Bitmap Textures
*Web Backgrounds
*Bryce Materials
*Hi Res Seamless Textures per 3D
*Photoshop Actions
*Web Buttons
*Web Banners
*Web Dividers

b. Gene Levine's stie,
Color Stereo 1, is designed to introduce people unfamiliar with stereograms to the world of unaided 3-D viewing. It also tries to introduce those already familiar with stereograms to the range of stereogram types--including animated stereograms. The Color Stereo mission is to try and develop a public perception of stereograms as an art form--as opposed to casual visual curiosities.

Color Stereo is a large gallery site, but also acts as an Artist's Portfolio. Gene Levine has been published in Japan in three stereogram books, with a fourth on the way.

SIS - Single Image Stereograms
SIRDS - Single Image Random Dot Stereograms

SIS & SIRDS are the stereograms most people are familiar with due to wide commercial exposure. This is the kind of stereogram where a shape is hidden in a field of dots or patterns, and starts from a single, colored or black and white, random dot pattern image.

Check out his
SIS and SIRDS Images with your newfound ability. The following image is under Stereo Animals.

Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 6.38.41 PM

Since we're mostly focusing on cats, go to the
Fauna Gallery and scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the positive and negative tiger faces in the stereo tile background. Tile backgrounds are another form of stereograms:

Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 6.41.32 PM

Be sure to look at the
Java Applet Animation section and watch the color change on your 3-D image. And check out the other varieties of stereograms on his site. Lots of great entertainment now that you know how to do it. All images are copyrighted.

If you've followed all this, you will now be an expert at viewing stereograms, and you will have discovered another fascinating world beyond the 2-dimensional flat screen in front of you!

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